Food Product Innovation Contest (FPIC 2023)

On 14th March 2023 (Tuesday), Mansinhbhai Institute of Dairy & Food Technology (MIDFT) under the Students Startup and Innovation Policy mandate had organized one day “Food Product Innovation Contest (FPIC)” at MIDFT, Mehsana from Morning 8:30 am – 1:00 pm. In this food contest, 77 students from various universities of Gujarat participated and presented innovative food dishes through their creative thinking and innovation. During the programme, Dudhsagar Dairy Chairman Sh. Ashokbhai Chaudhary and MD Sh. Dhirajkumar Chaudhary encouraged the students and facilitated the winners with a trophy and certificates.  

 Among the four themes, in the first theme i.e. New Product Development (NPD) Velberry Delight from MIDFT secured First position while Hibiscus Based Nettle Green Tea (Ganpat University, Kherva) secured second position. Additionally, under NPD, an Appreciation prize was awarded to a team from Parul University for Plant Based Energy Bar. In the second theme, Waste to Worth, Pro-wy (whey based probiotic ice candy) from MIDFT secured First position while Whey Chhash (from MIDFT) secured second position.  In the third theme Modern Twist to Heritage Foods, Millet Fantasy (millet based chocolate) from MIDFT secured First position while Shrikhand Tarts (from MIDFT) secured second position. In the Fourth theme Process Innovation, Crispy Mawa Delight (made from milk powder) secured First position whereas Millet Laddoo (Sorghum based, microwave assisted) secured second position and both the teams were from MIDFT.