Dairy Business Management

The objective of the department is to impart theoretical and practical knowledge of dairy business-related activities such as accounting, financial & Marketing management, economic concepts, ICT tools and technology. In addition to this basic objective, the department is also aimed at providing exposure to business aspect of the dairy industry.

B.Tech. (Dairy Technology) students are taught about the basic aspects of financial management and various sources and applications of funds in the organization. Despite this, the students are guided on how to use the techniques of capital budgeting in the maintaining of long-term projects in a detailed manner. The students are also informed how the transactions like purchase of milk, the sale of the dairy product, how to ascertain the profit or loss, how to study the inflow and outflow of cash, the factors influencing the working capital requirements, how to fix the price of the product produced etc. The students are given an opportunity to expose their potentials on their communication skills. In addition to these basic business-related activities, the department also offers courses in dairy extension, industrial statistics, and dairy production management. The department also provides an IT training to the students along with the application of OR in the decision-making process.

Faculty of Dairy Business Management

Mr. Darpan Shah
Assistant Professor
MBA (Marketing)

Mr. Kundan Chaudhary
Assistant Professor
M. E. (Computer Engineering)

List of Subjects

Sr.Discipline and Title of the Course (DBM Department)Credit Hours
1Milk Production Management and Dairy Development3 (2+1)
2Computer and Application Software Packages2 (1+1)
3Economic Analysis2 (2+0)
4Environmental Studies2 (1+1)
5ICT in Dairy Industry and Operation Research4(2+2)
6Fundamentals of Dairy Extension3 (2+1)
7Marketing Management & International Trade2 (2+0)
8Communication Skills2 (1+1)
9Industrial Statistics2 (1+1)
10Entrepreneurship Development and Industrial Consultancy2 (2+0)
11Financial Management and Cost Accounting3 (2+1)
12Total27 (19+8)