Student Training Dairy

MIDFT has established Student’s Training Dairy plant (STD-MIDFT) under Dudhsagar Research and Development Association (DURDA) for strengthening skills and hands-on-training of the students in dairy processing. The plant (Center) is specially constructed to cater the need of practical exposure regarding operation, maintenance and management of dairy equipment and product manufacturing. STD is built up in the total area of 425 m2 which includes processing hall, QA Lab, Classroom, utilities area, store room and office room; out of which the product processing area is 270 m2. The floor area and other construction was built with keep in consideration the size and capacity of equipment. The facilities in STD include:

Milk Processing Plant

5000 LPH Skid mounted Pasteurization plant, with Homogenizer and Cream Separator, milk pouch packing machine and other necessary equipment

Cheese and Paneer Processing Unit (100Kg)

Multipurpose Vats (100 LX4), Whey trough, Paneer Press, Cutting machine and working table, Vacuum Packing machine.

Ice Cream Plant (100L)

Batch Pasteurizer, Homogenizer, Ice Cream Freezer, Flavouring Tanks, Deep Freezer, Fruit Feeder, Ice cream hardener and deep freezer

Ghee manufacturing plant (100 kg)

Butter churn, cream storage tank, ghee kettle

Quality Assurance Lab

Testing Parameters: FAT, SNF, ACIDITY, MOISTURE, pH, etc

Cold Storage 2 No.s (5-10oC & 16-22oC)

For Milk, Paneer & Cheese storage

Utilities Room

Hot water generator, Air compressor, Refrigeration plant, etc.

Class room

Sitting Cap. 30