Mansinhbhai Institute of Dairy & Food Technology

Goal & Objectives

"Freedom for The Full Expression of Personality"

  • The following are the goals and objectives of our institution:

    • Provide adequate education, training, research & development services in the Dairy & Food sector.
    • Identify and provide the skills required by the Dairy & Food Industry.
    • Impart education in the field of Dairy & Food Processing Technologies in order to generate competent resources to meet the demands of the fast-growing Dairy and Food Industry.
    • Graduates and post-graduates will be awarded B.Tech and M.Tech in Dairy/Food Technology respectively.
    • Research Fellowships will also be offered and Ph. D degrees will be awarded in different disciplines.
    • Promote and impart practical and vocational training in Modern Dairy Processing, Quality Assurance, Dairy and Food Management, Marketing and Distribution of dairy and food products to Students of the Dairy/Food Science & Technology programmes, both from within the institute as well as any other recognized educational institution, college, university or from the Dairy/Food processing industry in India or abroad.
    • Organize training programmes for farmers and milk producers, food & feed crop producers with a view to enhance the quality and improve the productivity and quality of their production units at farm level.
    • Take up specific projects to improve quality, efficiency, productivity and energy management in the Dairy & Food sector.
    • Give students the opportunity to gain first-hand experience and facilitate research & innovation by setting up Vidyasagar Dairy a dairy exclusively for students.
    • Undertake any other activities to fulfill the above-mentioned objectives or to raise the level of the institute to match world class standards.