In-Plant/Student Ready Programme

This programme is specifically designed to make students aware about milk production, procurement and dairy operations.  Part 1 and 2 are carried out in the Summer break of 1st year and 2nd year respectively, as mentioned below.

1. Student READY Rural Dairy Work Experience Programme-I (Summer Break) (0+5)

On Milk Production & Procurement to be taken up in State Dairy Federations/Dairy Development Departments/Private Dairies/Animal Husbandry Department/Cattle farm/Progressive dairy farmers

2. Student READY Rural Dairy Work Experience Programme-II (Summer Break) (0+5)

On Preliminary Dairy Operations to be taken up in Experimental Dairy/Referral lab/Dairy PlantsPart 3 and 4 are developed to strengthen the theoretical knowledge of students by exposing them to industry.

3. Student READY In- Plant Training  (0+20)

Exposure to Product manufacturing operations in Dairy & Food Industry or Plant visits in each Dairy Technology course to have Industrial exposure in specialized products like Ice cream, Milk Powders, Cheese, By-products etc. should be made compulsory

4. Student READY Experiential Learning Module (0+10)

Experiential Learning Module of 10 (0+10) credit hours to run concurrently in the final semester along with the regular courses. This shall include development of Detailed Project Report on setting up of enterprise in the selected areas of product manufacture and Evaluation of the Module.