MIDFT has taken several initiatives for the dissemination of knowledge and information regarding new developments and technology for dairy & food industry. MIDFT organized third National Seminar on “Technological Intervention for Future Market Challenges: Indian Dairy Industry Perspective 2025” in association with IDA (Gujarat State Chapter), on Oct. 22, 2016. Second such national seminar was organized on 10 – 11 December, 2013 on “Quality Initiatives in Dairy Value Chain-from Producers to Consumers” at Ahmedabad. While first National Seminar on “Exploring Cost Effective Opportunities in Dairy & Cattle-feed Industry using Energy Management Systems” was organized by MIDFT in association with Indian Dairy Association (Gujarat State Chapter) on October 13, 2012.

Under SSIP cell, on 12th Feb, 2019 one day workshop on “Innovation and Intellectual Property Rights” was organized by MIDFT.