Mehsana, situated on the Jaipur-Ahmedabad main line of the Western Railway, is an Educational centre, and is connected by road and rail with all corners of Gujarat. The institute is only 2 km far away from bus station as well as railway station. Mehsana is a junction railway station. Thus, the institute is ideally situated for study of dairy science subjects and allied sciences and for imparting education in Dairy Technology. The climate is warm for a major part of the year. In April-May the temperature occasionally rises as high as 46 °C. The average annual rainfall of this place is 75 cm and it is almost realized between June and September.

MIDFT at present is located in a spacious triple storey building located on the flourishing green campus of Dudhsagar Dairy. The building encompasses administrative block, fully furnished class rooms, laboratories, library, faculty room, meeting room and other amenities. Two Auditoriums located nearby as a separate building are being used by MIDFT occasionally for various programmes.