The facilities are adequate for smooth conduction of practical of students. Further, in addition to this, the facilities available at central QC lab., market milk processing plant, UHT plant, flavoured milk processing plant, workshop, and boiler section of Dudhsagar Dairy and the facilities of Sahyog are also been used for the academic/practical activities of MIDFT. Students visits at Ganpat University (Kherva) & Saffrony Institute of Engineering for field visits whenever necessitate. MIDFT’s comprehensive state-of-the-art computer centre caters to its community through an intranet. The intranet provides online services for the effective administration of academic functions. MIDFT has a technology intensive network, which provides mail, file, and print services on campus. A virtual office has been set up on campus to enable students, faculty, research scholars and staff to share the browser-supported notice boards and exchange of information. Efforts are being made to create a virtual community through a virtual network of member organizations, students, and faculty. Students are practiced to give online exams including regular quizzes on e-learning Moodle software programme.

Recently, Students training dairy (STD) is build for providing hands on training on milk processing and packing, cheese and paneer manufacturing, butter and ghee manufacturing, ice cream manufacturing and utility handling to students.